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E1 Complete Beginners Guide

I am looking for anyone to assist with suggesting tutorials for people who have never used any kind of laser cutter.  

the only knowledge I have is making a project in Affinity Designer (adobe illustrator equivalent)

if anyone could please assist with tutorials of setting up and cutting my first project that would be great. Youtube videos/ documents any thing is appreciated

Thank you all

You could try starting with this tutorial …


Yeah so I’ve tried going through that. What I’m failing to undertand is how to send it to the machine to actually start cutting. Also when choosing the machine type in the path settings I’m only seeing options for different types of drills but not my embazers laser even though my drivers are all installed.

Forgive my ignorance


Can you confirm that you are using Vectric laser version CUT2D-L  

Below is the view you should in the software for toolpath.


You’re using Cut2D Laser? I didn’t think there were any drill/toolbit options to use in the program. I’m busy for the next few days so I can’t help any more tiil later but perhaps others can … what version of the program are you using?

The weird thing is that I don’t see the toolpaths tab as seen in so many screenshots

I have
“Offset and layout” as the last heading on the left pane


Not sure why your are not seeing the bottom of the panel. It could be to do with your PC display size setting. It doesn’t matter as you can access these same options by bringing up the right hand tool panel. In the image below select the icon on the right hand side of the buttons, the one with the arrow and this will give you access to all your requirements to generate a toolpath.

You need to also sit down and look at some Vectric tutorials to get a better understanding of what you need to work through for an outcome.

Myself and another forum asked if you are running CUT2D-L.  The L is important as it indicates the Laser version of the software.  You must have this version to get output to the Emblaser.


Once you get some sort of output happening then come back and ask specific questions. I think it is maybe beyond the scope of this forum for someone to try and teach the basics of CUT2D-L. This is really a self help process using the various tutorials already available to you.  

Hi Daryl.

I managed to sort out my issues

Seems my antivirus caused issues with the installation.

The minute in deleted and reinstalled with my antivirus turned off. Everything fell into place. I’ve come across this issue a few times before.

Today I managed to do some basic things with the machine successfully

Thank you for the assistance.
Tutorials are now actually falling into place the calliniration file ran flawlessly.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to actually cut right through the 3mm wood that I have.
I tried multiple passes at slower speeds with no joy.

Any advise on this ?

Well done Irfaan,


3mm wood should cut without problem.  (Depending on the timber)

4 to 6 passes at 100% power 250mm/min would be a staring point.

If this doesn’t do the job, go back and look at your focus.  This is extremely important to get correct.

An hour spent making sure the focus is 100% will save you many hours of frustration.

Hi, so after playing around with it I’ve gotten to the point where a single pass line is really thin. 

Would this seem right to you guys.


its definitely an improvement compared to my first try with the calibration file

with cross hatching

That’s looking good Irfaan. What is the size of what you’ve engraved? 

This one is not too large
100mm x 60mm
Does that seem adequate in terms of the focus of the laser?

It could be that you can get an even finer line (and therefore more cutting power). Getting the best focus can be time consuming but well worth the effort. If you search this forum and the archived older forum for threads on focusing you’ll find tips on how to achieve the best focus,

The archived forum … lots of good tips on there … http://forum.darklylabs.com/index.php?p=/

Ok so quick update.

The fight continues. I’ve tried playing with the focus and the height.

No luck. However I find that I am able to cut through ice cream sticks in 4-5 passes with a very clean and small cut.

Does this most likely means the MDF I’m using just isn’t right? I’ve even cut through 3 stacked ice cream sticks in 12 passes

Seems like MDF isn’t readily available in South Africa. Everyone I ask seems to give me a different type of wood

I think an issue with cutting MDF is all the glue in it. The same for a lot of thinner plywoods that aren’t specifically “laser grade”. Real wood cuts much easier, as you’ve found with the ice cream sticks.

That’s actually really interesting and makes a lot of sense.
A quick amazon search showed many results that are “laser friendly” unfortunately non ship to South Africa
Now to find some one one who sells in South Africa ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Should be interesting
Thank you for that info

Hi guys. So I’ve finally made progress and was able to cut through MFD nice and clean, but I’m facing a new issue. it seems that smaller paths cut really easy in 5 passes super clean cut, but bigger paths does not seem to cut through for some reason (see image below) can anyone offer any advices/experiences with this issue pleas. the outer path did not even push through at 7 passes


thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Irfaan,

I know you posted this a while ago, but any answers/results to your final question here about longer cuts not cutting as quickly as shorter cuts? Also, could you share your settings on what you used to achieve your MDF cuts and the thickness of the MDF above?

I hope you are finding luck in your trials.