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E1 Air box

suction-Emblaser + IP camera

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Great work Juraj.

The IP camera is a really nice touch.

What fan are you using for extraction?

You have probably already considered this, but using a sheet of red or amber tinted acrylic for the lid would also offer you another level of protection against laser bounce. Acrylic at least 4.5mm thick would be ideal.



Hi Domenic

Hi All.



Excuse me I do not know English.(google translator)

Main task- antifire protection+smoke evacuation

This is  glass  (not acrylic)  thickness = 5 mm.

Fire safety is the 99,9%

IP camera has a remote control movement+ zoom

pic.2  Fan controller  

Very well done!

Thank you for sharing your setup. It’s one of the most elaborate we have seen.