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Dusting off EL1-A3 in 2019!


Got my laser some time ago and decided to dust it off again for some projects. Quick question from anyone in the UK what else can we use to clean the lens?

Isopropyl alcohol isn’t available in chemists I have visited, is there anything else I could use?

Looking forward to sharing my 2019 experiences with fellow laser peeps!



Hi Dan,

Ebay has plenty of UK suppliers where you can get a lifetimes supply for not a lot of money. Delivery to the door is not an issue either.

Hope this helps.


Hi Dan,

Locally we buy it from our local electronics store. It’s used to clean electrical components and PCBs.

As Ralph mentions, a small container will last you a very long time.

The other option is to use a very clean micro fibre cloth. This may not get the lens as clean as with isopropyl, but it does a decent job.

Lastly, cleaning wipes for glasses can be used, but these will add up cost wise.