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Double engraving two

This is an extension of the first attempt (in small scale to speed up the process) but with two layers of cut outs. It certainly gives some definition to the bird.

The major problem to overcome is to get the PEP5 code and the NC code to cut/engrave in exactly the same position and at the same size.


Looks great Geoff.

I had to look at this a few times because it looks like an MC Esher piece for some reason in my brain. Looks like the wood is twisted to 90 degrees in the top left corner. Hmm, might be time for me to take a break!


The birds eye and slight shadowing above it, is that a natural feature of the timber or are they lasered? They look really effective - along with the occasional ‘feather’ marks down the back of the wings and down the tail, again are they the timber grain or a laser effect?

Either way they look superbly subtle,  and the highlights around the birds head are really nice .Very  nicely done.

They’re lasered, although there are some natural cracks in the ply on the back of the bird. For example, the subtle marks in the tail are lasered.

Thanks for the comments. It has been a journey to get this far.