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Double engraving three

I had a go at mixing genres, a little PEP% engrave, a little Cut2D engrave and a little Cut2D cut.




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These keep getting better!  Whats the approx size of the birds - (partridges?  pheasants? grouses?)

Thanks, it’s a bit of figuring the maths out. The whole thing is about 200 mm x 150 mm ish. I kept it small as it’s a try out. Would be outstanding at A4 or even bigger. I was thinking of adding a bit of colour to the (California Quail ) birds such as dark brown and blue grey. Still on the think pad. Here’s the original.

I’ve done that tutorial.

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Yours looks much better.


Geoffrey, this is fantastic!


I would love to see the tutorial though I am unsure how to message you or anything on these forums it seems very limited or I am missing the obvious.


Thanks. There is a PDF here        https://www.picengrave.com/This-to-this.pdf         on the picengrave website. You should be able to copy paste into google to go there. Let me know how you go.