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Dolls house furniture

I love my Emblaser 1 but there are no words to describe how I feel about my Emblaser 2! It slices through everything like butter and it will cut out the tiniest pieces. My imagination is in overdrive thinking of new things to cut out. I was originally drawn to the Emblaser because I am restoring a Tudor dolls house and planning to build a Georgian mansion.

Here are a couple of pieces I put together over the weekend (too bad about the housework that didn’t get done!). The finishes are a bit dodgy but I was so excited about putting them together, I rushed a bit. The livery cupboard is 12cm high and the chair is 6cm high.

The tiny little circle there is 1.5mm in diameter. I had to pick it up with a pin lol


Very nicely done.

This looks amazing. The finish on the cupboard looks so realistic, especially leaving some of the burnt edges to show through.

Thanks for posting this.

Wow…beautiful work. My emblaser is sitting at the post office waiting for collection. I can see future camping trips might be curtailed