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Doghouse Sign

I made this sign for a friends dog from 3mm plywood. The base is 3 layers, and the frame, text and paw print are 2 layers. I etched the outline of the graphics and text on the top base layer so I could use it for alignment when gluing the text and graphics on. It’s painted with rattle can Rust-oleum hunter green and metallic gold. I sprayed primer first and then sanded and sprayed the final coats. I used the presets for 3mm ply from the materiel’s library and I also used a magnetic jig that I built based on a few I have seen on these threads. It really helped the ply to cut more consistently…I didn’t have any problems with incomplete cut through.

Looks great David! Nice job.

Hi David,


Do you mind sharing the settings for the cut?

Am still playing around and have not been successful as yet.