Does the EM2 have an interior light


I recently upgraded my Emblaser 2 to the 10W head and changed the lid which is darker than the previous one. Since then I have realised that it is quite hard to see inside the unit when I am positioning a workpiece and using framing.

Only occurred to me this morning - does the EM2 have an internal light that comes on when you power up?

Not to worry, I found them under the switches on the inside. Guess as I said that with the darker lid, it is hard to see inside now.

I came up with a solution that I shared on this forum.

Pat Moore

Pat these look great, may I ask where you get these?

link to a Home Depot product

Thanks Pat, I did not realise until after that you were in the states, I will have to do some searching to see if I can find something similar in Australia. I like the rechargeable option.

Sorry, i thought the same thing when I realized you were down under.
They work very very well and light up the interior spaces without obstruction. I have 8 of them and just swap out a charged one when needed. I originally bought them for my larged lidded roll around tool boxes. No matter where my tool box is I have light.
I’ll do some research and see if I can find an international source.

Thanks Pat, I have just ordered a couple of rechargeable strip lights from AliExpress, I will see how they go. Thanks for the inspiration, once I get them I will let you know how good or bad they work out.

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Thanks @patrick.moore. Found one similar on Amazon as well. Will order in a week or so.