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Difference in power cutting horizontally

I’ve notice that during a job my E2’s laser has much more power when it cut vertical lines. Often the vertical line will cut all the way through while the horizontal lines leave 0.2mmish left to cut.

Would there be a mechanical reason for this? Has anyone else had this happen?

Could it be to do with the beam coming out of the laser as a rectangle shape not as a circle or square shape?


I cut a lot of square tiles. The vertical cuts are consistently stronger than horizontal cuts. The amount isn’t much but it is a little frustrating when I have to break the tiles out.

@Timothy Wighton have had some time to play today and here is a good example, its gotta be the horizontal rectangle shape of the beam slightly more concentrated in vertical movement.

Thanks for the responses guys, glad I’m not the only one noticing this. 

I’ve started holding my work with magnets, mainly to hold the thin ply I cut consistently flat. To protect the bed I have a sheet of 300gsm paper as a spoil board underneath. From the marks left on it I’ve noticed that my machine also cuts better closer to the Home side of the bed with a noticeable drop in power on the far side. 

Has any squared the head on their E2 before?