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Difference between kerf and offset in text

Dear LightBurn Team,

I run into a specific thing. Sometimes I set a kerf offset on smaller texts to compensate the thickness of the laser beam. I realized, that when any part of a character would become hidden, or the characted would break into pieces than the kerf is not applied on it. But if first I convert the text to path and then call the offset shapes, then the same offset is applied with no problem.

Please have a look at the attached image. The k on the left is untouched (applied kerf on it) while on the right the k is broken into two pieces as it should be (converted to path first then offset).

Could it be solved, please, to have the same functionality when applying kerf on a text and when offsetting a path? I think, the offsetting method is is the proper one.

Kind regards,

Made another example with a larger kerf and offset to make things more visible.

That is very strange indeed - under the hood, they use the same code, so I’m not sure why one would behave differently than the other, but I’ll certainly take a look.

I’ve found the cause of this and should have a fix in place for the 0.8.05 release.

I have the initial part fixed, but the trailing ‘a’ will take a bit more time - the outer part ends up overlapping the inner part, but by the time they reach the kerf offsetter, they’re independent shapes.  I’ll need some way to recover the fact that they should be offset together.

Thanks a lot for having a look into this! (This fix will be extremely useful for me. :)