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Difference between DSP License Key and GCode License Key?

What is the difference between DSP License Key and GCode License Key?
What does DSP even stand for?


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DSP = Digital Signal Processor, like a Ruida controller, where the main chip is a purpose built processor instead of a general purpose micro-controller.

This is the version of LightBurn you’d get if you wanted to control your high-end CO2 Laser, and it includes the drivers for GCode controllers as well.

If you don’t recognize the term, chances are good you don’t need that version.

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When officially released for the Emblaser, there will be specific Emblaser 1 & 2 licenses.

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Thank you for the quick replies!


I have a Ruida laser machine as well as an E1. Would the Ruida license cover operation of the E1 as well?

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Hi Fred,

You will be able to use the standard GRBL profile that comes with LightBurn, but you will not have the Emblaser specific profiles unless you purchased an Emblaser license.

Differences will be minimal, but there may be some specific features we add to our profiles that will help with using your Emblaser 1.

Hi Fred,

We’ve spoken to Domenic about how best to approach users in your situation. We have updated out license solution and can now extend a DSP license to include the Emblaser devices (1 & 2) at no charge.

To recap:

  • If you have other GCode based lasers, the Darkly license will include drivers for those devices as well.

  • If you have a Ruida controller and an Emblaser 1 or Emblaser 2, we can modify a DSP license purchased from us to include the Emblaser devices.

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Thanks Domenic and LB for clarifying this.

I will be in the same boat and have recently started using LightBurn with my Ruida based CO2 laser.

Such a good piece of software and amazing customer support!