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Detailed scan function? (Laser Fill Path)

Hi LB,

Once again I am loving the software, thanks. :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion for a scan mode which may or may not be possible.

In Laserweb, as well as having the typical scan function, there was a function called “Laser Fill Path” which was the equivalent to performing a “scan” on a vector graphic but without any white-space moves. i.e. it would only do short moves over the fill area rather than scan back and forth across the whole shape. Hence when there were many shapes with hollow sections (e.g. the alphabet) it completed the job faster as there were no white-space moves.

Is it possible to include this type of function in Lightburn? I hate to say it but this is something I a missing from Laserweb.


This is something we plan to add. In the meantime, we do have an option for faster white-space skipping in the device settings:
Enable the toggle and set the speed you want the laser to travel in the un-cut regions.

I came here tonight to ask the same question. Laser fill Path is what I need to do this job.

I don’t want the laser to scan the whole circle from top to bottom just to engrave the border.

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Glad to hear it is in the works. Looking forward to it.

Tom, I had a similar job and saved myself a fair bit of time by splitting the circle in two down the middle from top to bottom. Uou can then set each side to different layers and set the bit in the middle to it’s own layer also.


Also, the faster whitespace movement speed doesn’t really help me since the E2 is already going at it’s fastest when doing my engraving.

Thanks Jeremy, that is a good idea

Sorry to comment on an old thread, but did this functionality get added to the software?

Yes - it’s the “Flood fill” toggle on scans.