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Desk Name Plate

Desk name plate that I made for my daughter.

Wood 1/4 hard maple. Base 1/4 cherry.

Power = 100%, Passes = 7, Pass depth =.50, Starting height = 13.5, Cut rate 125.

Engraving Power = 70%, Pass Depth = 0, Starting height = 16, Cut rate 1500.

Cutting 1/4" hardwood is a challenge.  If you try make sure your laser is calibrated and clean your laser lens.




The engraving looks magnificent and I love the grain behind it.

As to cutting through thicker timber I know from experience that its amazing to have a laser cut things out but at some point eventually you do step back and realise that in the case of long straight line cuts at least,  an old-school saw is quicker, if not as precise, or fun!

Very clean results Mark.

Did you use air-assist or need to do any cleanup afterwards?

Hi Domenic,

Yes I used the air assist. I also used a strong white vinegar and water solution to wipe off the soot from the edges and scorching on the wood. After letting the wood dry for a few minutes, I used an extra fine sanding sponge to knock off the sharp edges and any remaining scorching. I then sprayed it with 3 coats of clear gloss lacquer spray. After the lacquer dried I then used a small piece of steel wool to lightly remove any little bumps and uglies.  Prior to doing anything I used an electric orbital sander (Walmart special $20.00…works perfectly) to prepare the wood.  In addition, I made sure I cleaned to E2 laser before starting.

Thanks for all the info Mark. Really handy to know for our next projects.

Once again, very nice looking results.

No problem Domenic and thanks again.