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Delrin - AKA Acetal Resin

Hi All

I finally decided to jump in and buy the Emblaser 2 despite the fact I have had no experience in laser cutting!

Anyway, would anyone have experience with the material called ‘Delrin’ (trade name I believe)? Would I be able to cut it on the Emblaser 2? I have read that it is ‘laser cuttable’ but I am not sure if it would require a higher powered laser.

I was thinking about making an embossing plate out of it.

thanks in advance.

Although we have not tried Delrin itself, I suspect it will behave like many plastics.

Firstly, if it is white or transparent/translucent then it will be difficult to achieve deep cuts / engraving. This is because it’s translucent nature tends to quickly disperse the laser once it enters the material. This is very evident with white polystyrene foam as well.

Other colors, such as dark blue or black will be affected better but would most likely tend to melt rather than vaporise and be completely removed.

The Air-Assist may improve this result and is definitely a test we will be performing.

With any material, a little experimentation is always needed to achieve good results. We will certainly include this type of material into the tests we are running now.

Thanks so much Dominic!