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Dedication on plywood and floreal decoration

Here is a dedication, made on 4 mm plywood.

My sister has decorated the plywood after my lasering, and she has also created the floreal decorations. Below is als an image with the settings.




Looks beautiful.

Very well done and thank you for sharing the pictures and settings.

Thanks Domenic :slight_smile:

How long did it take you to do this one? (only the engraving, not the texting :slight_smile:

Hi Laura

For the searching, converting, and clean up the vector graphics i needed about 6 hours.

For the engravings of all graphics including the texts, the laser required about 2 hours. After that, i sprayed a coat of clear clack.

In total i needed for the manufacture of the board about 9 hours.

The arrangements of the flowers were done by my sister and she tooks about 30-60 minutes.

The complete work was completed in about 10 hours, minute more, minute less :slight_smile:

You should try using PicEngrave Pro 5 for your gcode generation. Raster images are easier to work with then Vectors and you could cut down considerably on the Ornamental frame graphics & text time. Dithering the finished image 1bit B&W in the image editor and using the Feed Rate Change feature when generating the gcode will cut down on your overall engraving time. The laser will travel fast with no power in White areas then slow down & burn the Black areas.



Jeff, you gave me in the last forum entry a tip with the settings.

I had never try to convert the vector graphics to 1bit B&W raster  images. The GUI of the PicEngraverPro is a bit confusiong for me, this was also the reason why I did never used this software properly. Now i want to try again some tests with these settings.

Thank you very much for the hint :slight_smile:

If you download the latest PEP5 version, the Tutorial has been updated. :-)  

Thank you Jeff, i will give it another try :slight_smile: