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Dash line not cutting

I have been trying to cut several invitations, but every time I import the SVG file in laser web, it doesn’t cut the dash lines that make the invitations fold. Is there a setting that I have to use? This is becoming quite frustrating


,Hi there,

How was the .svg file created - did you do it or did you download an already created .svg format file?

I downloaded it.

I downloaded it.

Is this still an issue? If so then can you post a link to the original?

We can’t really help without a copy of the file to examine and more specific information.

If the vectors were created correctly then Laserweb should treat them as dashed lines.

If a ‘stroke’ was used to create the appearance of a dashed line, then it may not behave as you expect.

Your comment is that it ‘doesn’t cut dashed lines’. Does this mean it ignores them?  Cuts them as solid lines?

What version of Laserweb are you running?

The more specific info you can give us the better we can help you.

I bought it from an online store. I got it to work by importing it into inkscape and the into laserweb.