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Darklylabs support is first class

I’m not sure what area I should post this in because its more a thumbs up to the Darklylabs response to issues generally, but since in this particular case  it was an Emblaser 2 issue I can’t find a better place for it.

My air pump for the air assist failed Saturday afternoon.  I raised a ticket around 3pm or so. Sunday morning about 9 Domenic emailed me explaining the possible cause and telling me they were shipping me a new air assist pump. Today (Wednesday) a complete new air assist kit  was on my front step, I’ve fitted it and am back lasering away.

Thank you to you all at darklylabs for the amazing after sales service, as Roy and HG would have said - “pants off!” 

I just wish you guys ran the Holden service department


Chris J

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That’s great to hear. So far, with any questions or problems they are quick to respond and find solutions. Domenic is very involved with the forums and is always chiming in…I like to see that…it means the company is staying connected with its customer base. I posted a question about something, and Domenic responded within 24 hrs, raised a ticket, and when I supplied him with a video of the issue he responded within an hour! Considering the time difference between him (Australia) and me (Northeast USA) that’s pretty impressive!

Chris, I am curious…what did he say was the possible cause of the failure of your air pump? Were you running the machine a lot before it failed?


I too have always found them extremely helpful, positive and kind. A rather unusual level of service!


It was another reason to order an E2…

Hi David,

Re the air assist failure, nothing definitive but according to Domenic most likely caused by a build up of soot blocked the nozzle and causing  the pump failure. Certainly when I took the old nozzle off  I was surprised to see the coating of soot over everything. There are apparently cleaning instructions in the user manual that I will now read and follow!

In my defence my Emblaser 1 has never had a soot problem, but most likely because its all  unenclosed and I use it outside with natures own air assist, -  a stiff breeze.

Prior to the failure I’d been doing a fair bit of raster cutting of pine.


Chris J.

I’ll agree - I’ve had a couple of minor issues and have found them fast and pleasant to deal with. 

I am pretty glad I went with the emblaser over a dodgy ebay laser cutter.