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Cutting Melamine Colourboard

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Emblaser2 can cut these? 


If so, are these safe to cut? 

I’d like to find out before I branch out, but they look better than the boring old plywood that seems to be all I can get in Canberra. 

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!



I have yet to get my Emblaser 2…very excited waiting, and reading.

Melamine I understood couldn’t be cut. Attached to plywood…I look forward to the reply.

Plywood. We have gotten a shipment from http://www.misterplywood.com.au/ to the Sunshine Coast. Great people. Great prices. Beautiful plywood.


We don’t have experience with either of those materials.

The best way to determine whether they can be laser cut is to obtain their MSDS and check through it for any chemicals which may be dangerous or toxic when heated or burnt.

Sorry for not having a simpler answer.

Thanks guys! I’ll get onto it and let you know how I fare. 

Also thanks for the advice re: Mister Plywood - there’s one outside Sydney and I occasionally drive down and back. I’ll give them a go. 


I have bought exactly those two sheets (or at least the inBuilt one) and they cut fine. Unfortunately I have no idea if it’s safe to cut or not. I used the same setting that I used to cut MDF

The biggest problem for me was actually purchasing it. They only come in 2.4m x 1.2m x 3mm sheets, and my local Bunnings doesn’t cut anything thinner than 6mm. The guy made an exception at that time because I lugged two huge boards from the shelf to the cutting area.