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Cutting MDF on Emblaser 1

Hi everyone,

We had the following question from a customer:

“I am experimenting with 2mm & 3mm MDF on my A3 emblaser and was wondering how many(ish) passes it should take to cut for each with a 4w laser? hopefully the information will help me know if I have focused the laser correctly.”

We would appreciate any info you could share on this if you have experience cutting MDF.



I only cut 3mm MDF - 3 passes at 300mm/min 100% power. (4W Laser) MDF is elevated on a bed that allows air flow under the work piece.



Thanks, time to look at focusI think!


Focus is very critical to a good outcome.


As Daryl said - focus is very important.

I have a variation in thicknesses of MDF - I did these on 3mm but pieces I measured were from 2.75 to 3.1 mm thick.

Where you get it from, I’m in NZ, can also impact upon the characteristics of the MDF…

380 to 450 mm/min 100% power 3 passes. (4 watt)

Using my vacuum table - up to 525 mm/min. (Reverse air assist?)

Brother lives in Auckland!, I am in England, tried these settings, not even scratching it


helps if I set to 300 per min!! and not seconds!! ooops!


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