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cutting mdd

Hi All

Just wondering on your thoughts ; I’m trying to cut mdd and it seems to take hours im not kidding the mdd is 3.1 mm  any tips to speed things up  im using LightBurn cutting at 110mm speed and full power

thanks all

sorry guys  mdf

MDF is one of those materials that varies a great deal. From its composition all the way to the amount of moisture it absorbs, all plays a big part in how well it cuts.

Here are our recommendations on how to get the best results:

  1. Make sure your lens is clean.
  2. Ensure your focus calibration is as accurate as possible.
  3. Power = 100%, Speed = 180-200mm/min, Passes 2-3
  4. Set the z-offset to 1mm (3mm/2).

You can also use the Tools->Focus Test in LightBurn to check the focus of your machine. It may help you get the best focus value.

Another option is to use something other than MDF. We would recommend 3mm Laser Friendly Poplar what we offer in our store.