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Cutting Kid-friendly letters out of EVA foam

I made this set of child-friendly name plates inspired by the Vectric wood-carving tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRlEyJJqQ8I

This was mostly done to test the capabilities of the Emblaser in handling EVA foam. The good news is that EVA foam pretty much vaporises on contact with the laser, making it one of the thickest materials that can be cut on the 4W Emblaser. I managed to cut through 10mm foam on 2-3 passes.

The bad news is that the foam shrinks away from the cut line, making a concave edge. And if you cut in 2 or 3 passes then each pass shows up as another ‘layer’ of cutting on the edge. (Look at the edge of the white foam in the photos - kinda looks like plywood!)

Also because of the thickness of the foam, the front cut with a very fine line, but the back side ended up with a 1.5-2mm wide kerf.

To compensate for the kerf, I had to offset my cut lines by 1.5mm to get the inner letters to fit snugly within the outer frame piece without falling out.


10mm EVA Foam

4-5mm/s, 100% power (4W), 2 passes.



  It looks very cool…great work

Well done. Looks great.

There isn’t much you can do about the width of the kerf on the underside with the current lens system unfortunately.