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Cutting/Engraving Glitter Acrylic

Hey everyone!

So I haven’t been able to dig up a clear answer. I was wondering if anyone has played with or would anticipate issues with cutting/engraving opaque glittery acrylics? I have been looking at an opaque black 3mm acrylic which has some large glitter flecks within it but I wasn’t sure if somehow the glitter flecks could cause any issues. It’s probably a stupid question, however as glitter is by nature reflective and these are quite large pieces I think it’s a good idea to ask.

Any contributions are valuable. Thanks all.

You may have some issues as the “glitter”, depending on what it’s made of, wont be affected by the laser.  Like all this stuff, testing required.

I was worried about cutting glitter card stock but it was fine when cut face down. I think though the glitter chunks in acrylic might be different? They look bigger.