Cutting clear acrylic with kraft paper on both sides

I want to know if Emblaser 2 will cut clear and white acrylic if you leave the kraft paper on both sides MAX 4.5mm

Hi Greg,

Unfortunately not.
Leaving the paper on may allow you to mark the surface, but this is only due to heat transferred to the acrylic via the paper. It’s more melting than engraving. Once the paper is cut very little energy from the laser is absorbed by the acrylic.

You can engrave clear/white acrylic using the methods shown in these projects:
Edge Lit Desplay
Acrylic Blueprint

Further information on cutting acrylic can be found here: Cutting / Engraving Acrylic

Hi Gregory,

All laser diode based laser cutting machines will have this limitation with clear materials.

If you are primarily planning to cut plastics which are clear or semi transparent, I would recommend you consider a CO2 based machine.