Cutting cardstock

I basically bought the Emblaser 2 to cut cardstock, and i love it so far. My only issue is the residue that remains on the underside of the cardstock. Can anyone help me with this? Also, whats the best setting the cut 240gsm cardstock with?

I think the trick is to cut fast with multiple passes. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Here is my setting:

For 700gsm paper, I used one pass at 200-240mm/min.

For 240gsm, I think I used 75% power at 600mm/sec. However, 600mm/sec may be too fast for intricate details. 


The only way to completely remove marking on the underside of your material is to make sure it is not in contact with anything where it is being cut.

Our cutting mats are designed to only contact the material at limited points, but they are not able to completely eliminate this with certain materials.

We previously had some customers propping up their materials using washers or small spacers around its edges. Would this be possible with the material you are working with?

A honeycomb base may perform better than our cutting mats but may not completely remove all the underside marking.

Domenic, since E2 laser does (almost?) nothing to a clear/transparent acrylic, what if I simply mount the paper/card stock on top of a clear acrylic (on top of the silicon mat)? That way I can even tape it even on the acrylic. 

The marking on the underside is caused partially by fumes. A clear acrylic or glass plate may improve this but not completely eliminate it.

It certainly would be an interesting test to try.

Hi Daniel,

I have a glass sheet on the base of my Emblaser 1 ( from a cheap photo frame) and tape card to that which works perfectly so acrylic should be the same. You definitely need to tape it down though (I use cheap masking tape) because its easily knocked out of place , or blown if you are using air assist.


OMG!!! I used the glass sheet and it worked. I was able to cut this invitation and not have any smoke residue.

Thank you Dominic

Chris J,

Have you tried cutting ply on glass sheet?  Curious as to what results this would bring.


Hi Daryl,

Yes I have. My Emblaser 1 baseplate is a piece of 10mm MDF with a grid lasered onto it and a piece of photo frame glass double sided taped onto that.

I then tape the edges of the ply down onto the glass with masking tape. It seems to work fine, although since I’ve always used it I have no knowledge of if it works well or badly compared to not using glass if you know what I mean!

(Currently working on a project that has 27 layers of 3mm and 4mm  ply laminated together… I’m going to give ply a rest for a bit once I’ve finished it)

I’ll chime in here because I’m having the same problem, white paper is the absolute pits to cut. I’ve been using red shimmer metallic card and it cuts like a dream. I’m wondering if using a wire cooling rack from the over would work?

I’ll be trying the glass very soon, I’d prefer to sue the wire rack though because to the amount we’re cutting - taping down is a pain.


Molly are you using the Emblaser 1 or 2? I’ve cut white paper and card without  problem on the emblaser 1 using the above mentioned glass on top of MDF, what is the issue you are having?

I haven’t tried it on the Emblaser 2 yet but I’ll be using the same base, mainly so I can tape the work piece down, and secondly so tiny parts such as above  don’t fall into the mat and get lost.

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I was able to cut 75  invitations in white metallic cardstock and they all came out clean, with no residue. I place a 3mm sheet of 11 x 19 inches glass over my silicone mat.

Thank you.

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I’ve got the Emblaser 2, yesterday, we tried again and the white paper worked fine when using a glass cutting mat. I still can’t work out how it works so well, you’d have thought that the air would get under the paper and move it around. I try to cut multiple designs on the one sheet of A4 so bits of paper being blown around isn’t a good thing.

Love your designs Chris, they are so fine and delicate. Our laser lens needs a good clean because it got dirty cutting mdf. That might help with the white paper problem, it was cutting 60lb drawing paper absolutely fine before the mdf cutting.

Can you let me know what settings you are using for say 120gsm shimmer metallic paper please?

Hi all
Just thought I would add my success with GLITTER cardstock! I just cut some today and I am really happy with how it turned out. I tried silver and gold. The silver was slightly marked in front but with the gold you couldn’t tell as it blended in. I might need to try the glass trick too.

Hi, can I ask what kerf width would I need to use to cut fine detail Cardstock?

Hello Shedorine,
I’m trying to cut invites as well but I keep getting burn marks around the edges, which then results in burnt smudges from my fingers… do you have a photo of how you use the glass? & the results for the edges on the invites?
Thanks so much, Jess :slight_smile: