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Cutting and Engraving Acrylic

Assembled my Emblaser last night and had my first attempts at using it today. 

Had some pre-made wooden love hearts and a sheet of black opaque acrylic 2mm to play with. 

At first I was seriously disappointed with the performance, it wouldn’t even cut paper or card, I then discovered I had all the PCB power switches set to off not on! I was looking at the switches upside down! What an idiot :) 

Luckily I realised I’d made a mistake and then was happily cutting through anything I could, which just happened to be 2mm acrylic. 

I used settings kindly supplied by Joel, although I found if anything I need to either reduce the power or passes, or maybe increase the feed rate. 

I was using a wooden Chopping board that I found (don’t tell my wife!) so maybe this is causing the discoloration around the cuts? 


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