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Cutting 6mm MDF


Sorry for making a new MDF thread, but I spent today trying different settings to cut 6mm MDF with E2 and I have had no luck so far. I have had success with 4.5mm MDF, and I’ll post my experiments on the other thread, but the 6mm is a different story. 

I tried 120mm/min and even after 16 passes, I still can’t cut a straight line through. I definitely need to run it faster than 60mm/min because at that speed, I’m just BBQing the board.

The thing is, I can see some faint lines on the other side even if I run it on 180mm/min with the same number of passes. So is this one of those cases where I need air assist to be able to cut properly? My guess is that the ashes/cinders are blocking the light for the lower level.

Any ideas or recommendations on what settings to try? Or maybe I’ll wait until I have the air assist unit.