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Cut2d Laser software tutorials

Hi, Are there any tutorials available that are specific to Cut2d laser.

I have looked at the tutorials from vectric but they are not specific to the emblaser.

There was a lot of good information on the old forum which I’m hoping will get transferred over here eventually. Do you have the latest version (8) with Vtransfer? DarklyLabs did make a good tutorial specific to the emblaser and the earlier version of Cut2D Laser but I don’t have the link to it. I expect they’ll comment and hopefully point you in the right direction.

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Thanks Jared,

It seem that Darkly Labs is in the throws of updating their website and things seem to be all over the place. 

I have the latest version(8) and have registered with vectric but they have not got back to me as yet.

I am wondering about how thick a vector should be for good results and whether internal and external shapes can be cut in the one toolpath or should I make two toolpaths.






I do my designing in Illustrator and use the thinnest line possible when drawing shapes or lines to be cut or engraved. I doubt the thickness you draw a vector with really matters as the laser is only following/cutting the center of the vector line. The thickness or stroke width (in illustrator at least) is really only something you see on screen or that would print out on a printer. 


I always make separate layers for etches/engraved parts to be done first, inner shapes to be cut second and outer shapes to be cut last. When all those different paths/layers have been calculated I save the file (with the option to save all layers to one file selected) then send that file via Vtransfer to the emblaser.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again Jarod.

I draw my vectors on Corel dtraw and save the file to a pdf. Import that file into cut2d and create toolpaths. I just thought it might be more efficient to have 2 or 3 separate paths.

Mice work on your projects featured on the web site.


It is more efficient to have separate paths for different parts of what you’re doing. I make the separate layers with their separate paths for my file in Cut2D not in Illustrator. For some reason layers I make in Illustrator don’t come through no matter which format I save and send them to Cut2D, pdf, .ai or .eps