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Cut sealing material with the E2

Hi everybody,

we produce small quantities of (customized) watches in a wooden case.

For the botton of this watch cases we are looking for a thin (max 0,5 mm, but better thinner) sealing material which we can cut with the E2.

Does anyone has experience with such a material?

For example …

Klingersil C-4500 (Carbon fibres and special heat resistant additives bounded with NBR) Do you think that is cuttable ?

Teflon (Can Teflon be cut with the E2?)

or … other materials

I would be very happy about your experiences and ideas.

Thank you very much in advance.

best regards





Hi Gert,

It may be helpful to include some photos of what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Domenic,

here are two pictures of what I mean.

The black flat disk is the sealing material.

This is Klingersil C-4500 and I cut this by hand.


So I’m looking for a soft and thin sealing material which I can cut with the E2.

Best regards