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"cut/cutting" same as "line" in mode menu?

Hey Guys,

Been in process of familiarizing with my Core Unit and Lightburn Software.

Done some engravings, but when committed to do some actual cutting on a plywood sheet (6mm), just noticed that cannot see actual “CUT” selection in dropdown “MODE” menu, can only see “Line/Fill/Line+Fill”. May be a stupid question because cutting may simply be an intense enough line (speed and power).

Just found a Library that I guess has some predefined settings, and will start to work with that, but just need you to confirm for my peace of mind that don’t need to see the actual word CUT in the MODE SELECTION for a cut work.

May be also that 6mm of the plywood sheet may be too much for the diode laser?


Best Regards!

Hi Roger,

Yes, confirmed. Lightburn changed the wording in the software earlier this year (maybe end of last year) from “cut” to simply “line” (since you don’t always want to cut through).

As for the 6mm ply, it always depends on the plywood but I doubt it would cut easily. 3mm or less, 3ply (5ply or more makes it harder to cut) and as light weight as possible is what I would recommend.


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Hi Roger,

Jeremy is spot on regarding the change in terminology. In order to make mode operations more meaningful and reduce confusion for new users, the scan/cut modes have been renamed:

Scan is now called Fill - This is because this mode ‘fills’ in an area of a shape.

Cut is now called Line - This is because this mode follows a line/curve.


Regarding the 6mm ply: this is the upper limit and if it isn’t a lightweight ‘laser ply‘ you may struggle to cut it without a high number of passes which can begin to effect the kerf (width of cut) and increase surface marking.



Best regards,



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Jeremy, Liam…Thank You So Much!!!

Best Wishes!