Custom Pokémon Card Box

It seems that Pokémon cards are making a comeback recently and my daughter wanted to make a custom box for a friend’s birthday.
The box is super simple with 12mm box joints on all sides, drawn directly in LightBurn and cut from 6mm Poplar Plywood with a few 3mm pieces to locate the lid.

She wanted to add the Pokéball, so we placed it on the joint and added/cut out the button so that it did not have the seam going through it.

The box was glued together with PVA and the locating edge rounded slightly once assembled.

She went over the coloured parts with a white paint pen first and then watercolour paints - which helped the colours to stand out.
Once dry, the box was sealed with a clear spray sealant.

My daughter was very proud to be able to say ‘I helped make that!’ and the box was very well received.


Great work Liam & daughter, it is wonderful to see projects that have been worked on together. Not only does it bring families closer but sets up memories that last a lifetime :grinning: :+1:

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