Custom Cheetah Headphone Decals

This is a project I did before Christmas to customise a set of Bluetooth headphones for my daughter.

Her favourite colour is blue and she loves cheetahs, so I used some Darkly Labs Contact Film to create these custom stickers for each side as well as the head band sections. The film is more of a bright blue, but she didn’t mind.

After a quick search on the net for some inspiration, I started by drawing up this simplified design in Procreate. I choose this stencil-like style to make sure the design would cut well and have minimal unsupported sections.

Next, I imported it into LightBurn and used the Trace feature to convert it to vectors.

With that done, I measured the face of the headphone the sticker was to be mounted to and drew this up in LightBurn, including the curved slot for the vent. It turns out that the outer shape is ever so slightly elliptical…

Tip: I cut out several tests using plain printer paper to make sure everything would fit and line up as required. This is usually quicker and cheaper than using the final material.

The band sections are simple rectangles, with the spots subtracted using the Boolean Subtract feature.

Once I was happy with everything I moved to the Contact Film, using the setting from the Decal with ECM Contact Film project. The file I used was the ‘Light Blue’ version, to match my material.

The project includes settings for cutting just the film itself (and not the backing) or through both.

Film Only:

Film & Backing:

Note: The different colours of Contact Film can require different settings. This is due to the colours reflectivity in relation to the blue wavelength of light, specifically the 445-455nM wavelength of the Emblaser’s Laser.

These headphones have been used everyday since Christmas and besides one of the spots on one side moving slightly (these pieces were tiny), everything is holding up well.