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Custom Board Game

Great game called Carnac by game designer: Emiliano “Wentu” Venturini


That looks really impressive!

What wood did you use?

Fantastic work Chad.

It’s great to see all the intricate detail in there.

I’m curious about the type of wood as well.

Thanks guys, I used Jarrah and birch laserply for the pieces, and some scrap A/B grade birch for the board.  I cut out the board with a decorative edge bit by CNC, and then registered on the emblaser for the fun part. Then oiled & waxed everything. So it smells pretty good.


I’ve got to say though,  Jarrah is very dirty to cut. I hade to clean the lens every 10 pieces for any consistency with the engraving.  And it left a lot of debris on the fans.




Thanks Chad.

We used to get some nice photo engravings on birch ply as well. I’ll have to source some Jarrah and experiment with it.