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Curving Text



Just wondering if there is any way to curve text in Lightburn?





Not at the moment, but the LightBurn team monitor this Community so perhaps they may add it to their to-do list!


Get yourself coreldraw home and student, fitting text to a curve or path is super easy and it is a terrific vector graphic program

Another alternative is Inkscape, which gives you various ways to manipulate text. There are heaps of instructional videos on YouTube as well. 

Inkscape has the added benefit of being free, along with the heaps of instructional videos on YouTube. I have AI, CD and Inkscape and prefer the latter for most projects. Maybe because the learning curve is not as steep.

Thanks everyone, I finally managed to get something to work in Illustrator, saved as an SVG and imported into Lightburn.  I might have to look into Inkscape but I am loving Lightburn for all it’s other features.

We recommend InkScape because it’s free and works well with LightBurn, but any design software will do. We’ll be filling in more features like this over time, but the initial focus will be on more laser specific things and cleanup tasks, like removing overlaps, supporting tabs, adding a ‘perforation’ mode, laser fill, and so on.

For anyone wanting specific features, we have a suggestion / voting site that we really do pay attention to here:


If you have something you’d love to see, suggest it there (or vote for it if it’s already there, like curved text). We’re a very small team, so it helps us prioritize development.

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