Craft Emblaser Projects 🧶

Hey there! My name is Brooke. I’ve had my Emblaser for a few months now and now starting to get quite comfortable. I was wanting to make my own bits and pieces (very much a I can do this myself person :joy:) and after seeing a few bits and pieces online on Etsy and Pinterest I decided to give it a go making some stuff.

Would love to share my journey with you all and the projects I made!


Here’s my October spooky themed keychains I made with the eucalyptus plywood and bits and pieces from Kmart.

What do you think?

Also any recommendations for oil or varnish would be much appreciated!


Other ones I made too


Awesome work Brooke.

Love the face mask in there!

Nice work Brooke, I use Cabot’s Water based Cabothane Clear to finish, easy to use and waterbased so easy to clean up and low smell, I also use a beeswax polish made from equal parts of beeswax, Gum turpentine & linseed oil, this gives a “softer finish” with a eucalyptus smell. Not as durable but depending on the project works quite well.Traditional Beeswax polish

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