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Cool down loops to extend laser life?

My Question: I love that you can chain steps together in cut 2d and was wondering if I created a job that ran 30 minutes with 0% power if that would let the laser head cool down between actually cut cycles but not fully deactivate so it would then be able to move to the next cutting process without me manually having to reactivate laser cutting and load the next step?


Background on the question: As I understand it, running the laser for multiple hours at a time will lower its lifespan.  I’ve found some 3mm plywood that I can laser through very easily using the following settings - 5mm/s travel, 90% power, 10 repetitions. 

I’m using it at 90% because I read somewhere with diode lasers that you don’t want to run it at 100% because it will also impact laserhead lifespan.

Since I’m running projects a such a slow cut speed, I break large projects up into about an 1-1.5 hour chunks after which I give the laser some time to cool down.



I’m not sure if your philosophy is sound.  I can tell you that I have two Emblaser 1’s and they have run for literally hundreds of hours in total at 100% power also cutting 3mm ply.  Some jobs running up to 4 hours each time.  I think the life of your laser would be based on how many hours total it has run rather than the temperature it has been running at.

Also, if and when your laser fails it is not too cost prohibitive to replace it with a new one.



That is awesome news about how long you’ve been running projects and not noticed any issues!  You do have a point, it’s not insanely expensive to replace the laser head.  I just wanted to make sure I’m being a good steward of the tool as I learn how to use it.