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Contact film

hello! im just wondering what settings I should use for the contact film! other than 0.1 thickness, How fast should I cut it?

Hi Joel,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community page.

I have attached a link to a project I just put together with the settings we use on the black Contact Film from the Darkly Labs web store. As always, some tuning may be required to find the optimal settings on your machine: Decal Project

For anyone who wants the basics:

Speed: 1000mm/min

Power: 50% (Black) 100% (White)

I’d love to see what your working on if you want to share here or in the Project Showcase area!


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Customer Support Team

D A R K L Y    L A B S

d a r k l y l a b s . c o m

Im still thinking on what to make actually haha! I threw this together after doing some tests

Hey! Nice work!!

Thanks for sharing this.

  • Lliam