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Company Logo on Slate

I work for an architectural office that does a lot of building envelope remediation, so we get a lot of product samples…including pieces of slate! So I brought home a bunch and tried an engraving of my company logo on a piece. I did it as a vector fill and outline. I used the settings I found in an E1 thread about engraving slate…45% power and 300mm/min. I did a few test shots on the back of the slate piece to dial in the speed and power…but like a dummy I didn’t note my settings. I think I doubled the speed and power to accelerate the engraving process and try and keep the same results. It came out really nice (except for the centering/alignment). The slate engraved with this really nice color and it feels smooth…like paint.

Speaking of alignment…Domenic, when is that alignment camera going to go online?


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We’re actively working on some bugs the camera alignment has integrating with laserweb.