Cloth Tape Labels Stickers

I have been re-organising my toolboxes and have laser cut ID stickers using cloth tape after my label maker stopped working. Very happy with the results, and it’s slightly addictive because they’re easy and satisfying to make. The cloth tape is quite robust. So far I’ve cut single part stickers, with multiple parts I am thinking masking tape will work well as transfer paper.

Edit: for anyone curious, cloth tape is polyethylene PE from what I can gather. I cannot find an MSDS for Norton Bear brand tape, however an overseas equivalent product I can find the MSDS for lists PE, cloth backing and rubber adhesive

Wow, I’m not sure whats more impressive your amazing label hack or your organisational skills and matching tool boxes!

Very nicely done.

This is really cool.
I’ll have to do something similar myself to save time hunting for what i want.

@Lliam @Darkly you’re both too kind — thank you :smiley: I find small tool boxes are lighter to carry, easier to remember what’s in them, I put essential tools in and they’re fun/useful with the labels. It definitely saves hunting time. Each tool box is just:

By stacking two of the transparent feet on each corner, they clear the height of the toolbox handle so the boxes can be stacked for storage. I use clear feet, because coloured ones I find can leave streaks on surfaces, especially unfinished wood shelves.

The dream is Adam Savage’s scissor lift style toolbox with castors Inside Adam Savage's Toolbox | WIRED which is good for a workshop, but as my toolboxes move around I prefer less weight.

Thanks for the links. Those toolboxes don’t cost much at all.

I laser cut this thing a while ago and it does work well, but I really need to customise the drawer sizes to make it fit all my different bits and pieces.

I sized it up and cut it from 6mm ply.

I left off the handle and the dividers in the drawers.

@Darkly very cool, especially the hinge system for the lids on top! The tricky thing with those style toolboxes (in fact my old tool box was a big metal version of that) is the weight needs to balanced when loading them if you intend to fill them up. I’ve been in situations where I’ve pulled out something relatively heavy like a socket wrench from a middle tray and had the whole box topple. If i were to edit the design, I would make the trays that fold out smaller in proportion to the bottom tray to avoid centre of gravity shifts. Otherwise it’s hard to use all the available space, unless the items are very light.

In my tool boxes, I use rectangular plastic yoghurt containers (some cut to half height), zippable cases, or bamboo organisers to keep small parts/tools together. At this point I should say with all my links to Bunnings, that I have no affiliation with them :sweat_smile:

Totally agree on the toolbox potentially tipping over is weight is not balanced.

I think the concertina design is good when you just open it completely up, but that actually takes up a lot of room on a desk.

I am making this over the weekend to store a lot of our small optical parts. This should be easier to access things from and be somewhat customisable.

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@Darkly I have a fair bit of leftover laser ply that I’ve been wondering what to do with. Now I know :slight_smile: This is pretty cool… I’d cut small windows to glue some acetate sheet (or other thin transparent plastic) to see the parts inside.