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Clock In 3mm Plywood

I saw this plan for sale on a laser blog I belong to so I purchased it. I had trouble opening it in earlier versions of Laserweb but it opened fine in the most current one. I decided to run it and although it came out pretty good, for some reason it didn’t do any fill…it just outlined all the text. Upon further investigation I noticed that the blue the designer was using was all slightly different shades, and Laserweb broke them all out as different colors  and I didn’t pick the right one when setting up the job. I opened it in Inkscape and I went around and put all the blue items on the same exact color. The most disturbing thing I have noticed though, is how the text outline came out. If you look close you can see the line work is very choppy…almost like it needs anti aliasing. I never noticed that when I do a fill along with it becasue you dont clearly see the lines. This worry’s me if I wanted to do just unfilled text I wouldn’t be happy with the line work looking like that. Is it a resolution issue between Inkscape and laserweb? When I look at the lines in Inkscape they look smooth and perfect. When I open it in Laserweb and zoom in I can see the jagged edges, and the laser is just replicating what its getting from Laserweb. I have also noticed this on text in another job I ran and messed up the fill in. Am I doing something wrong in Inkscape with text? Once I get it set the way i want it I choose make object a path and that seems to work?? Any help or suggestions would be welcomed.

The plan is cool and I need to do some tweaks. I used the clock movement the designer suggested, but I had trouble getting things aligned properly at first but I fiddled with it and its working now. It actually keeps really good time! I think I might have purchased the wrong size shaft length for the movement.

What speed did you cut at? I have seen jagged lines like that if I go too fast

David, I am about to order a emblaser2 (If My emblaser1 does not start behaving consistently) and wanted to know if your machine had any difficulty with cutting the 3 mm ply. Also what settings did you use and where can I get a copy of the plan you used.

I have been trying to cut gears on my emblaser1 4 watt but without success.

Thanks John