Cleaning Cutting Tray?

Is there any reason why it wouldn’t be judicious to clean the cutting tray in a dishwasher? (liquid detergent, 29min total quick cycle, don’t know the temp.)


Hi Elayne,

I hadn’t thought of trying this.

Theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem, but I will give it a try it this week and let you know the results. There shouldn’t be any rust occurring since it’s made from stainless steel and aluminium.

Nice idea!

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Thanks Domenic, is there any glue which might soften, or worse (apart from the “26mm” reminder)? I’ll wait for you to be the guinea pig.:wink:


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Ahh, you’re right. The labels probably wouldn’t remain stuck. Good point.

I will try it anyway and let you know the result.


Ok, I finally got around to testing the cutting tray in the dishwasher, only to discover it does not fit in my machine.

After thinking about cleaning a little more, I would probably opt for a bottle brush that fits the honeycomb openings and some cleaner (similar to Elayne’s recommendation). I think this would yield the best results.