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Circles Curves and Polygons

When cutting circles and curve-based shapes I found my E2 took a LOT of time, with much stop -start fiddling.

As soon as a straight line was reached it sped up.

Can this issue be fixed?

Meanwhile, I have tried using regular polygons, and cut-out bits of them in place of circles. E.g. with a 30 or 40-sided one it is almost impossible to see that the result is not a “circle”; and the speed-of-cut is so much quicker.


You can experiment with the ‘Segment’ value in the operation.

When this is set to 0, it creates the highest resolution curves possible. Increasing this slightly should improve this performance without causing noticeable artefacts.

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… To the workshop!

Thanks Domenic

Yep, that works.

5 was way too much; circke became septagon.

1 was indistinguishable from a circle, 1.5 barely noticeable and faster.

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This value will depend heavily of your design. Glad it helped.


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