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CE Certification

5th September Update


We have just had notification that the Emblaser 2 passed all it’s CE requirements / tests. This is absolutely fantastic news!

The next steps are as follow:

  • Test reports and certifications are being prepared by test lab (approx 10 days)

  • Remaining CE paperwork being completed by us (approx 5-10 days)

  • Revised PCBs with CE compliant wifi modules are in production (approx 10 days)

Thank you for everyone’s patience. We will keep providing updated information as it becomes available.

Hi Domenic,

very happy to ear this!

A lot of work done, I know!

Now a little bit more patience and we can play with laser too.

Thx all team! Thx all founder!

Now I´m looking forward to get my emblaser-two in a not so far future… Sometimes I was not sure if it was the right investment but I am sure I will forget my doubts when I see it on my desk…  Thank You for your truly and constant method of operating. Salutations from Germany :slight_smile:

20 September Update

  • We will receive the first revised PCBs this week for testing and approval.
  • Almost all certification reports have been provided by our UK test lab.
  • Technical File paperwork is nearly completed pending the final test lab reports.




It has been a while since there was an update. I was wondering if there was any news?


Hi Domenic,

Can you give us an update about the CE certification? 


5th October Update

Apologies for the delay in this update. We have just relocated to a new facility and it took us out of action for a week.

  • Revise electronics were approve last week and our manufacturer is now in full production. We are scheduled to receive two batches of boards this week and next. This will allow us to complete EU machine assembly.

  • A delay with the UK test lab is being resolved. They have not supplied the final safety test reports as yet and we have been working with their management to have this rectified.

  • All internal paperwork for our technical file is complete. The only paperwork remaining is our official ‘Declaration of Conformance’ which we can only create after receiving the final test reports.

  • Our assembly staff has been revising the stored EU machines to bring them up to the latest spec. This involves adding some gaskets to the rear section, revising the exhaust fan, updating the documents included with the machine and including the lens cleaning kit and tools.

Once we have resolved out test report delay, we will be able to give an accurate shipping date for EU machines.

Dear Domenic, thanks for the update. I am sure the E2 is worth waiting for. :slight_smile:

Amazing how an update can make me stay more patient :slight_smile:

I loved to see your first photos of production line, hope you can post more?!


Thx for your big work for CE (it’s a lot of money with all this paperwork and test and people enrolled only for this part).


Good morning,

The October 5th update spoke to the progress with the EU certifications.  Is there any news one units that would be destined to the US and more specifically the Caribbean?




Hi Stephenson,

That region is not part of the EU. I have checked with our sales and they have emailed you a few times but we have not had a reply.

Can I please ask you to contact our sales directly on sales@darklylabs.com

Thank you.


Yes, we are expecting to receive the final reports by the end of this week from the UK test lab.

After that, we will be ready to ship. Fingers crossed, it could be next week.

We will post an official update shortly.

Thank you for your update Domenic!
I will keep my fingers crossed😊


Its a small step for mankind, but a huge step for us :wink: So cross your fingers but don´t cross your legs and keep on going. Finish line is close… I am very excited and hope the best :slight_smile:

Hi Domenic :slight_smile: Any news when the shipment starts ? Am too excited … :o

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Hope all goes well… No news, good news?

27th October Update

We have all our paperwork and certification in place and will begin shipping the first EU machines today.

Our normal process is to initially ship a couple of machine to each of the major countries to ensure they pass smoothly through customs. This will allow us to pick up any extra requirements countries may have and deal with them quickly.

From there we will proceed with shipping orders as normal.

When your machine is ready for shipping, you will receive an email notification and tracking information.

I am very happy to read that :grinning:!! THANK YOU for your endurance !!

Great news!!! Do you have an idea about how many time it will take to ship all the EU machines?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mathilde,

We expect to be able to ship them over the coming weeks.

I have instructed our assembly team to check each machine and ensure it is brought up to date with the latest firmware and components, since they were assembled some time ago. This adds a little time but we feel it is better to ensure everything is up-to-date.

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