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Cast Acrylic settings for 3mm black cast acrylic

Been cutting a heap of black 3mm acylic lately and these settings give perfect results every time with every piece falling out completely.

This is CAST acylic (to test I burnt a piece and as far as I know cast-crackles and extruded-drips flaming melting plastic)


Also found that it is hard to engrave cast acrylic but these setting although slow, work well to give a light etched look (the faster speeds gave more artefacts in the etch)

best setting


faster but not as clean an engrave/fill

once these are assembled they are bases for aquacultured coral to grow on, pretty happy with the results


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Very cool! Thanks for passing along.

Yes very cool. This is just the reason I am here. To learn about Laser Cutting Plastics.

OMG You are using these Badges to grow coral on !