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Cap jig help required

Hi everyone.

I purchased an emblaser 2 to cut some holes in PET caps(basically coke caps).

I made a jig from black 18mm concrete form ply as the base and white 3mm core flute for the jig bit.  

Settings: Power 100%/Speed 2.2mm/sec/ Air assist speed 77%/ Base suppoprt height 37mm (concrete form ply 18.3mm+ Blue cap 18.6mm) thickness of material:1.5mm polyprop ( blue cap). and 7 passes.

The hole is not a good finish.

Should it take 7 passes to cut 1.5mm poly-prop plastic?

Seems far too long but this is my first time using this laser.

Any suggestions?




Can you send a close-up pic of what the cut finish is like on the cap?

Is the cap completely opaque or is it a little translucent? The reason I ask is that the laser diode used in the Emblaser machines operates in the visible blue light range. This means that blue materials or partially translucent materials will both reflect laser energy as well as not allow it to be fully absorbed.


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Caps are a solid blue. The caps are calleda  padded wad cap. The white bit is the pad. I guess i could cut the whole from underneath so the laser hits the white wad first. Would that help the increase the power of the laser?

What is the current wattage of the diode I have?

Can i change the diode to a “normal” laser diode of greater wattage?



Hi Dean,

Your Emblaser is a 5watt solid-state laser diode. There is no other type of laser we offer with our machines.

Can you confirm you have air-assist running when you are making these cuts?

Are you able to post us some samples to test at our end so we can help optimise your cutting settings?