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Cannot select object when another object is hidden


I have a design with 4 objects.  One is just an outline of my workpiece along with cutout.  I used these to position the other 3 objects that I need to engrave.

However, if I hide the outline and circle, I cannot select one of the other objects which I can select when the first 2 are not hidden.

I have uploaded ascreencast here showing the problem.



I don’t have (or use) Flash Player.  Is there a way to set that up as a YouTube clip?

Generally speaking, if the objects are grouped together you will only be able to select the group if everything in the group is visible, otherwise you’d be moving things around that are hidden from view, and that would likely do things you aren’t expecting.

Are they grouped?

I can’t view this screen cast either.

It may be worthwhile emailing a copy of the LightBurn file to ‘lightburnsoftware AT gmail.com


No they are not grouped.  Have uploaded to Youtube here.



Ok, that’s pretty clearly a bug.  Please email the file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look.  I recently found another issue that might be related, so it’s possible this is fixed already, but I’d like to verify.

Done.  Thanks for the usual prompt response!!



This is fixed, and will be in the next release.