Can you video Emblaser Core in action- or will you risk damaging iPhone camera?

Hi guys- this may be a really silly question… I just got a Core and I wanted to take some videos of it in action on my iPhone…but if the laser’s not good for my eyes without the glasses…am I at risk of frying my iPhone camera too? I guess I could film it with through the glasses lense (I have 2 pairs) but that seems more effort unless it’s necessary. Anyone have experience?

I cannot confirm if the brightness will damage your camera, but we use a pair of protective eyewear in front of the camera lens when filming the laser directly.

This will not only protect your camera, but also give you a better view of what is being cut.

Ok thanks! Thats helpful

If it helps, I have placed my phone in the laser workspace and shot footage without having any issues that I know of…

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