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Can you mask an object in Lightburn?

Hi all,

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work where I have a grid of multiple objects being cut/burned on the laser bed. Wondering if there is a way to easily create a mask over an object or part of an object in the Lightburn window to prevent from cutting. For instance, creating a white box over an object to hide it. Requesting as an alternative to hiding the object.

I frequently perform the task you describe, but it may not meet your requirements. Assigning the objects to a “standby” layer, turning the cut status to off but leaving the Show in the on position has worked well.

The “part of the object” reference is more difficult, though, because you would have to break the object into components which could be split by layer. It might be easier to copy, then paste in place, and chop away those portions destined for one layer and then the reverse for the other layer.

Perhaps the LB team already has a better work-around than mine and will chime in.


Thanks, Frank. A type of layer mask could be beneficial in two situations and one could hope we would see something in an update of Lightburn:

1.) In the scenario you mention above, I was imagining 25 objects in a grid each assigned in ‘standby’ - turning them all or partially on or off for different size materials, etc could be time consuming and greater risk of missing one

2.) If there was a non-destruct way to mask off part of an object so if you were to drop a white box over a portion of the artwork, the laser simply wouldn’t burn that part.

I’ve watched videos by Lightburn in which they actually have an object shape over another object shape and remove a portion of that object from the shape tools in the tools palette, but that’s where object desctruction happens.

In an ideal world, creating an object with the pen/shape tool labeling it as a mask and moving it over artwork to simply not burn those areas would be pretty sweet in my work process :slight_smile:


I just asked the LightBurn team this question and here is the reply;

“Not at this time, but the planned implementation for bridges / tabs would do this”

So, although not possible yet, it’s great to hear about bridges & tabs, We manually make those all the time.

This is great news! Can’t wait. If you are open to sharing your method to manually making bridges and tabs, I’d love to see them.

Here is a quick video of how we do it:

Creating Tabs


Thanks for that vid Domenic, always good to see how others do things, good use of node editing and super easy.