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Can the speed of the extraction fan be increased?

I really need to be able to extract all the fumes the E2 makes while cutting ply. We currently rent and the wife is paranoid about the smell seeping into the carpet.

I already have the fume filter outside with all the joins between it and the E2 sealed with duck tape, so the next variable I can think to improve is the extraction fan speed of the machine itself. It currently doesn’t seem to draw very hard, if at all!

Is there an M8 command that I can play with to fix this?  

Hello Timothy,


My husband and I had the same issue.


However, my husband found that the speed of the fume fan vs the machine fan are different, which means that the Fume filter does not work correctly.

So, believe or not, we removed the fume filter from the equation and passed the machine hose trough the window and the smell just disappear.

We have been cutting on leather ( strong smell), Ply wood, mdf, acrylic, and the improvement is amazing in relation of the smell.


We love our machine, BUT, the fume filter was a waste of money ( personal opinion). Also, after just 1 months the fume filter is beeping ( stop working). we changed the filter and nothing happens.


Hope our solution works for you and your wife.




Genessis Vidal




Hi Timothy,

Are you saying the fume filtration unit when connected to the E2 does not draw any air through?

When the fume filtration unit is connected, it will draw more air through than just the extraction fan alone. Is this not the case with your setup?

Hi Genesis,

We had a small batch of filtration units delivered with this alarm incorrectly enabled. You can resolve by following the simple steps in this article:


The filtration units are designed to remove all visible fumes and most of the odour. Without a significantly larger unit, it is not possible to completely remove all odours.

Your solution to pass the exhaust outdoors will always be the best overall option if possible.