Can I track total use/burn time in Lightburn?

Is there somewhere in Lightburn (or in the emblaser 2 firmware, accessible through the console maybe) where I can track total burn/on time for the laser? In other words does the software or firmware track total on time? For some reason I keep thinking I have seen this information somewhere but I cannot find it anymore or maybe I have just convinced myself I have? I am running Lightburn v1.2.01 at the moment.

Hi Eugene,

Great question! Unfortunately there is no way to track this in LightBurn or on the Emblaser currently, though this is on the requested feature list for future development.


I’ll add my two cents to this as well. I believe I have suggested that previously as well. It would be super helpful in tracking time to next preventive maintenance. I do so many projects that tracking the machine time is problematic. Thanks… Pat

Hi everyone.
We are looking into this. It has been something we have been considering for a little while now.

Our idea was to record usage and then offer alerts when scheduled intervals are reached.

We don’t have a timeline for this, but it is on the list.