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I posted this in the Laserweb thread but didn’t get a response so I’ll post it here.

What is the status of the workspace camera in Laserweb?




Hi Mark,

We have the core of the code working including the UI for tweaking the camera settings.

There has been a delay with merging this into the latest version of Laserweb due to the complexity of the underlying code.

We will release more information as we get it to a point that we can distribute a ‘testing’ version of the software for customers to try.

Hi mark 

to get the camera view in laserweb  you need to go to settings then go into cameras select PC camera  and select your resolution the end results will be this

    how ever the camera seems to be poorly placed because of the ribbon cable that is placed   right in front of it

Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting this.

The work we are doing at the moment is to use that image for material placement.

You can move your laser carriage over to X500 Y100 it should clear the workspace of the FFC.



Interesting.  I never tried to enable the camera because the material placement aspect isn’t quite ready.  I followed your instructions and it fired right up.




Hi Domenic,

Apologies if you have already answered this elsewhere but it there any more news on the camera and material placement please ? 

I’m attepmting some double sided engraving and no matter how hard I try, I’m still not placing the second side quite right and the camera would be VERY useful.